Thursday, 26 February 2015

Time is Money

Imagine a café where you can sit amongst strangers, on a comfy armchair, drink coffee and eat some cake. It isn't hard. Now imagine all of that except you haven't paid for anything you've consumed and you've prepared it all yourself. Ziferblat is a pay-per-minute café that has recently opened in Manchester after it's success in London. For a mere 5p-per-minute you too can sit in a relaxing environment and gorge yourself on snacks and beverages.

The concept seems strange. Why pay to spend time in a room full of strangers and basically do what you do in your own living room? Well there's a real communal spirit. I'm looking at a room full of people working, co-working, playing games and relaxing - as I was writing the last sentence a woman looked over and asked me for my help in figuring out the technical difficulty that is Skype - it's all very conducive to productivity, both personally and communally. For me, I find it hard to be productive in my own home (it's too easy to procrastinate), so going somewhere where there's an encouraging work environment is vital to my productivity.

I won't lie, the fact that you are making and cleaning all of your own stuff feels a little strange (maybe that's more of a commentary on western society than anything else), and it takes a minute(pun intended) to feel comfortable in making that 3rd slice of toast, but you get comfortable with it.

To top it off the staff are friendly and also not bad to look at. I

All in all, I highly suggest you drop by Ziferblat if you get the chance as it has my stamp of approval.

p.s. It's my 3rd time here and I see myself returning once more.
p.p.s 'ziferblat' or 'циферблат' is Russian for 'clock-face', how aptly named!

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