Friday, 12 December 2014

The Hobbit. 3 Films. 1 Session.

So, on Thursday 11th December 2014 at 6pm I entered the cinema with live-in-friend Jess to see all three of The Hobbit films. With sustenance in hand I sat in a chair for nine hours with a bunch of strangers.

 First things first, I loved it. Second things second, this was my first time ever watching The Hobbit (I haven't read it either, oops). And, third things third, I only just saw the first Lord of The Rings film like a week ago (scandalous, I know).

This is the first time I've ever done one of these movie marathon things in the cinema and it's a really interesting experience. It's when you enter into the 7th hour and you're in complete solidarity with the room as you feel emotionally spent. 

Jess and I were dressed like we were lounging in our own living room, comfort levels on high (we literally brought a blanket). In a stark contrast to the preparedness of Jess and I, a lot of the audience were wearing suits, I didn't know why, I still don't understand it - it couldn't of been a comfortable experience.

All in all I thought the films were great! Martin Freeman/Bilbo is bae, as is Radagast . . . and Legolas . . . and Tauriel . . . and Kili (basically everyone). The fight scene in the second film, where Legolas, Tauriel and the Dwarfs are fighting the Orcs whilst sailing down the river in some barrels, is nothing short of legendary. Also, as the films come from one book the flow between the films (especially since I watched them all in one go) is so smooth and I really appreciate how it was done.

The best thing about this was that I only had to pay £1.60 for this screening because of my Cineworld card which is great! Also, it was the first time I've felt I've enjoyed a 3D film.

I highly suggest you go see the final instalment of Bilbo's story and if you can go do a three film feature like I did then definitely do.

I captured my journey between films on instagram:

2 down, 1 to go. Hobbit is love. Hobbit is life.

3 films. 9 hours. Full Hobbit education.

p.s. two blog posts in one month! can you believe it!?

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