Tuesday, 2 December 2014

My Blonde Moment

So, on the night of All Hallows' Eve I bleached my hair and started a month of being blonde (mostly, it was blue/grey/green for a little while but let's not focus on that).

Now, being blonde was interesting, I felt I had to change up how I dressed as my clothes didn't match my new fair locks but; I want to talk about the whole concept of blondes having more fun. It's bullshit in my experience. I'd dare to say I had less fun.

I don't know what it was about my hair but it seemed to invite unwanted attention in clubs. I'm 19 so I'm used to the usual thing of being in a club, someone checking you out and it's all a nice experience that leaves me feeling confident. Until they touch me. Now, I don't liked to be touched in the best of circumstances (but that's an issue for another day) so when drunk, sweaty strangers grope me I got a little freaked out. 
When I say groped I mean just that. I was grabbed and felt and squeezed all without my consent, something that never used to happen frequently as a brunette. The frequency of these incidents went from a rarity to a guarantee every night out. One night my housemate and I decided to go out last minute - we arrived at the club fully sober, fully aware of all the drunk people surrounding us. We were stood off to the side - completely out of the way of everyone - when a guy walking passed manoeuvred his way between my friend and me just so he could run his hand so overtly over my stomach and chest before he carried on his merry way. This was the first incident of a night full of arse pinching and attempts at coping a feel. I left this night so uncomfortable that I've not been to the club since.

I decided to dye my hair back after a particular night. I was walking to a bus stop from a club and on my way I had people try to get me to come into clubs and bars with them, someone tried to get me to go to a hotel with them and I even had some guys try to get me in a car. This 30 minute part of my night turned what was a good night into me not wanting to be out by myself anymore.

Now I know that these events may have nothing to do with me being blonde, it might have just been that November was a month full of very horny people that decided I was appealing no matter what my hair colour was. But, I felt my confidence slipping so much, all because of the colour of my hair.

This post doesn't really make much sense but I just wanted to touch on it and let you know that I have been doing those bucket list items I wrote about all that time ago (I do have some sort of my shit together guys!)

Anyway, I have dark hair again and my inner goth is whole once more. I also look great, so, enjoy some visual record of this time:

p.s. I've got a job now, I actually do my uni work and I'm starting to write again. It's all coming up Milhouse.

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