Tuesday, 15 July 2014


So, change almost always sucks. Be it the loose change that shuffles and clanks around uselessly in your pocket or when you reconnect with a friend and notice a change in either them or you.

Often an uninvited occurrence, change demands a lot of us, leaving us drained both emotionally and physically. Change is truly exhausting when you are worrying about the unknown outcomes.

But, despite all the nights you lay awake with worry and anxiety about change, there are some good points:

  • Loose change can be collected and saved and eventually amount to something greater and worth while
  • A change of scenery offers a new outlook to explore
  • A change of opinion shows growth
  • A change of circumstance offers an opportunity to adapt and learn
  • A change in a person you know or yourself can bring the two of you closer
  • If a change brings about the end of something then know a new period will always come along
  • A change can be brought on by you. You have an active choice to: change, grow, learn, teach and be happy
As the saying goes, 'the only thing constant is change'. The sooner we start to change perspective and stop ignoring the positives, just because they're harder to find, the sooner we'll find happiness.

p.s. start small - change your 'want's into 'will do's and see how much more fulfilled that change will leave you (be realistic; 'I want to write a book' becomes 'I will write for at least 15 minutes a day'. Ok? Got it? Cool).


  1. This is such a good post! A lot of things are changing in my life at the moment, mostly to do with people, and I have been sticking my head in the sand thinking that they will just not happen. Now this has given me a better look at it and helped me to start to realise that everything has a silver lining! you are a really good writer and I am keen to read more of yours!


    1. Thank you Laura! I love your 'At Least Once' post