Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Squirrels Hate Me

So, I was home yesterday (I've started moving back from uni, it's a weird time) and I was reminded of how my favourite rodents hate me as I saw one run along my garden fence.

Let me explain . . .

I live in a valley so there's plenty of wooded areas and wildlife, etc., and my parents are big fans of supporting said wildlife by setting up feeders and houses in the garden - squirrels love it.

Every now and then someone will be in the garden at the same time as a squirrel and, if it's anyone else, they just ignore them and carry on their search for food; but it's me, so they don't.

Squirrels are not above charging at me. 

I've been sat in the garden reading and heard a bloodcurdling squirrel squeal to look up at see one running at me.

Hanging out the laundry, they watch and wait for me to bend down to pick up a laundry peg before launching themselves at me - grabbing a brush and aggressively sweeping in their direction does not deter them!

I've been sat in the conservatory only to look up and see a squirrel watching me from the fence - safety at last to view this majestic creature I think - think again James! The squirrel jumped into the window to try and get at me.

Hell, I've been chased down the street by a squirrel!

In year 6 we took a class trip to Formby, famed for it's red squirrels. Now, many a school child has visited the squirrels at Formby and so they are used to being fed nuts by them, they'll even take it out of your hand . . . that is, as long as you aren't me. Yes, the squirrels ate out of everyone's hand but mine. It's like how strangers never sit next to me on the bus except I like that strangers don't sit next to me on the bus.

Squirrels, why do you collectively hate me so? Did you have a meeting?
They are dopey and cute, we should realistically get on so well

p.s. I didn't put a p.s. at the end of my last post and I'm not comfortable with that at all

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