Friday, 13 June 2014

One Month Blogging! Moving! Other Things!

So, I'm sat on the sofa in my room at home, there is no more uni work that needs to be done and this little blog of mine is officially one month and one day old.

I've enjoyed writing here so much and the response I've received, with people frequently reading, commenting and following me on bloglovin' has been so encouraging. Thanks for that Team.

Here's to many more months together :)

This past week I have, admittedly, been very absent from here - I apologise - but I have a reason!

I moved!

I said goodbye to my uni room but, seeming as I'm going back tomorrow for a flatmate's birthday, it doesn't quit feel like I've left it behind yet. 

Whilst procrastinating from packing (I had nobody to keep me on track, such is life) I decided to climb atop my wardrobe . . .

... and I got stuck there for like 40 minutes.

But, now I'm home, I've spent my time: watching stupid amounts of Adventure Time and Orange is the New Black, laying around and reading - a lot (yay).

(Expect a blog post about the book you see on the left - it's Jonas Jonasson's The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden and it was great.)

Also, now I'm home I have a full length mirror again so my inner narcissist is having a field day.

(I was 100% channeling Life Aquatic with the one on the left)

p.s. since being home I've rediscovered how delicious meat is and eat it like every day


  1. I have to agree reading and eating whatever you want is the best thing and I love nothing more than a full length mirror haha also great pineapple shorts amazing!!

  2. I love the pineapple shorts haha & enjoy the summer! I'm not ready with school yet :(
    I'm curious about the book :)

  3. I look forward to the book review! It's awesome doing things that you'd not usually do but getting stuck alone is probably one of the worst things that could happen aha, enjoy the break!