Thursday, 29 May 2014

Procrastination Post #2

So, I'm currently sat in a Starbucks, reading The Bell Jar and writing in a moleskin - I'm that guy, living that cliché lifestyle.

I've finished exams and that means I've finished my first year of uni. I have nothing to do. It's actually incredibly boring.

'But, James, if you have nothing to do, how are you procrastinating?'

Well, You, I'm not quite sure; I just have that procrastination ~feeling~, you know? But, I guess I could be looking for a job, so . . . we'll go with that - I'm procrastinating from the job hunt! (side-note, after returning to my room I realise I'm also procrastinating from cleaning my room and packing up my stuff, oops).

I really do need a job though. My biggest issue is that handing out C.V.'s gives me a ridiculous amount of anxiety, so, after the good 45 minutes it takes for me to successfully hand out one C.V., I reward myself by buying things - you see my problem. It's truly a vicious cycle.

Speaking of buying things! Today I bought a couple long-sleeved t-shirt things from H&M (one for each I exam I successfully completed, probably?) Idk, H&M can be really hit-or-miss for me but they have some really nice stuff right now and I would've bought more but sizing was an issue, sigh. 

(Apologies for the
awful green uni
door, I hate it) 

Btw, in H&M's 'Summer Essentials' section they have thick jumpers and waterproof jackets - classic Manchester summer.

Guys, I've just had a quick glance around and I am 100% not the only cliché here! There's at least 3 people writing screenplays/manuscripts, a lady reading on her iPad (side-note, I have an iPad Mini so normal iPads look HUGE to me, idk) and business men in business suits talking about business.

People watching is a great procrastination technique, very entertaining if in a good spot, highly recommend (side-note, one of the business men just claimed to 'know Banksy' - v bold business man, v bold). Oh, one of the screenplay writers is now on Facebook - procrastination is all around me. I'm like a beacon. Love it.

So, I'm going to get back to reading/might type this up first idk, get off my case, you're not my real dad! (side-note, I didn't do it, I just read).

p.s. What is your go-to coffee shop beverage? I'm a chai tea latte guy (on an iced chai kick right now though).
p.p.s. I think Kris Jenner is my new favourite person.

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