Saturday, 31 May 2014

Body Image and Meghan Tonjes

So, the other day I posted to my tumblr a question about good ways to gain weight; I got some helpful responses and some people were also curious as to how to gain weight in a healthy way themselves.

However, I did receive messages that followed the theme of 'why would you want to gain weight, you're thin/skinny/hot?'.

I have a few things wrong with that:

  • I want to gain weight because I don't like being as thin as I am - I'm 6ft so I feel gangly and weird sometimes
  • According to my BMI I'm classed as underweight so it's probably healthier for me to do this
  • Thin ≠ 'hot'
Attractiveness is subjective. Everyone has different ideas of beauty, I get that, but don't discourage another person by forcing your ideas upon them.

The way I see it, weight is not the defining factor of beauty, let's explore that with the amazingness that is Meghan Tonjes:

Now, you may recognise her as 'The Woman Who Had Her Butt Removed by Instagram' but I know her as that pretty cool singer on youtube who's podcast (with Roommate Keith) I like to listen to. Also, she has the coolest tattoos, especially the thigh tat and also she tweeted me a couple years back and it was the best.

Try and tell me she is not beautiful, I will fight you.
Meghan made the decision to lose weight, she looks great, she looked great before but that's not what makes her beautiful. If you've followed her then you know that she has: an incredible sense of humour, a wonderful voice, a great love for her friends and family and is an all round bad bitch with no time to give a fuck.

She's beautiful because she's the kind of person you want to be your friend.

And that's what I want. I don't want anyone to consider me 'ideal' because of what I look like - I get that looks attract yada yada yada - I want to be liked for the person I am because I'm pretty great.

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